DWI: Sobering Acquittals

N.C. Judges acquitted more than one-third of DWI suspects who tested over the legal alcohol limit but fought the charges in court. Pages from The Charlotte Observer DWI series, Aug. 8-10, 2004.
Day 1
1,500 Not guilty verdicts last year
Day 2:
A juddge acquitted 50 of 50 who tested 0.08
Day 3:
Declining Intoxilyzer test pays

DWI: Wrecked Lives

Prosecutors dismissed more than 10,000 DWI charges each year, mostly because police officers or the suspects themselves didn't show up in court Pages from The Charlotte Observer DWI series, Nov. 14-15, 2004.
Day 1
Prosecutors dismiss 1 case in 5
Day 2:
Few who fail to appear are ever convicted

Underage Drinking and Driving: Guilty? Yes. Punished? No.

Six in 10 young people charged with drinking and driving in Charlotte weren't punished in court - even though tests showed they'd been drinking. Pages from The Charlotte Observer, Dec. 19, 2004.
Day 1

Judges Under the Influence?

Prominent defense lawyers in three coastal counties have helped judges get their jobs. Now, when they dake DWI cases to trial, they rarely lose. Pages from The Charlotte Observer May 15, 2005.
Day 1