Dear North Meck IB parents,
The first IB PAC (International Baccalaureate Patent Advisory Council)
meeting of the year will be on Wednesday, Sept. 26th at 6pm in the Media
Center at NMHS. Weıll start promptly at 6.
The IB PAC is parents working to support teachers, students, and
administrators in the IB program at North Meck. The meetings are open to
all; that means everyone is welcome to attend.
Some information from the groupıs first half a year of work is here:
If youıve not seen it yet, have a look at the new Handbook (thanks to Vicki
Pluer for the lionıs share of the work on that), linked at the top of the
web page.
Agenda items for our first meeting . . .
Here is a start; please let me know what else youıd like to discuss
Draft  Agenda  
-- ?
-- ?
-- ?
-- ?
-- feedback and corrections for the Handbook?
-- CAS matters . . .?
-- report on Sept 5th 07 meeting with Mr, Burch (Nancy Mullins, Julie
Elliot, Scott Denham, Mr. Burch)
-- report on June 07 meeting with Robbie Kale, Jeff Linker (CMS Magnet
Office) and Stephanie Range (Talent Development Office); others present:
Scott Denham, Joanne Skoog, Julie Elliot, Nancy Mullins, Barbara Holt, JB
Royal, Bill Strong, Kristi Egoldy
-- delegate some to plan and carry out Diploma Festivities for the Class of
Œ07 (during winter break)
-- discuss and determine when to elect new IBPAC chair and committee chairs.
(Weıre in the first year of organization and need to get this figured out.
Current chairs listed on the web pages.)
-- ?
-- ? 
Iıll plan to conclude and to adjourn the meeting at 7pm, but suggest that
some might choose to stay around for open discussion until 7:30.
Thanks kindly in advance for your interest, support, and good ideas. Iım
looking forward to working with everyone again.
Best wishes for a great year. Feel free to get in touch with any questions.
Scott Denham
Scott Denham
Professor of German
Director, Center for Interdisciplinary Studies
Davidson College
Box 6932
Davidson, NC 28035
704-894-2855 ­ office
704-894-2720 ­ fax
704-892-4641 ­ home
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