COMMITTEES and current volunteers (as of 3/5/07)


Communication Committee  --- Chairperson – OPEN

              Student and Parent Directory – Vickie Pluer

              Newsletter – OPEN  (meeting minutes will serve as newsletter for now?)

              Website – Pat Ryckman

              North Meck IB Parent Handbook – Chairperson OPEN – Joanne Skoog to help

              Liaison to other IB programs – Barbara Holt



Volunteer Committee  -- Chairperson – Nancy Mullins

              Test Proctors  - Marinello

              Hospitality – Shelly Knight, Martha Honeycutt, Marinello

              CAS coordination assistance - OPEN

Assist as volunteer in any/all above – Ellen Pratt, Tina Lower, Evelyn Harris, Barb Sanmartino, Jordan Poler, Eva Hill, Joanne Skoog, Marinello, Carol Skeen, Kelly Rand, Julie Elliot



Grade Level Parent Committee -  Coordinator – Martha Honeycutt  with Shelly Knight

              Rising 9th Grade – Vickie Pluer, Pat Amato

              9th Grade – Martha Honeycutt, Shelly Knight, Homer Sutton, Marinello

              10th Grade – Kelly Rand, OPEN

              11th Grade – Jane Brumbraugh, OPEN  (Ellen Pratt maybe)

              12th Grade – Nancy Mullins, Barbara Gardiner



Fundraising Committee  – leave vacant until determined that we need fundraising



Student Leadership and Service Committee -  Coordinator – OPEN

              Student Leader Coordinator -  (Martha Honeycutt, Jordan Polar)??

              IB World Projects – Homer Sutton, Barbara Holt

              Ongoing CAS opportunities – Carol Skeen

              Student Leadership and Service –

              CAS Council -